Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm Alive and here is why)

Choose a goal!

As you get a few years under your belt you begin to notice some patterns. And much to your chagrin, they are patterns that friends, family and loved ones may have told you a long time ago.

And here it is. Something every productivity "guru" out there espouses.

Choose your goal.

Choose it wisely. Make it clear. Define it. Make it realistic. Make the smaller goals one of many that will progressively get you closer to the largest of your goals.

I can't stress it enough.

This applies to your fitness! Without a driving force, to get out of bed, or to work hard every day or every workout, not much is going to happen. Perhaps you'll start but inevitably it will taper off.

Define your goals.

IT has become more and more clear to me that this is critical to success.

Not only that, but the goals need to have an emotional impetus, something that grips you by the heart (not just the noggin) and absolutely propels you to get up, move, and take action.

So start thinking about it. It may be the most important thing you do today.

I'm not going to drag this one out. If I keep talking it will loose it's punch. Just take your time and really put some thought into it.

I can't wait to hear about the results!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time is flying

Hello everyone.

I didn't realize how long it has been since we last talked.

Due to an illness in the family I have been rather sidetracked and away from my posting. I will be picking up the blogging and the newsletter again next week.

Thank you for your understanding.

Miss you all and we'll talk soon.

In health,


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breaking the pattern

It's still old school out there.

There are new ways to train. Smarter ways. Limiting exposures to young joints. Keeping them happy, motivated AND progressing. It can be done.

We need more people to stand up to coaches who are still working the way they did in highschool. For example.

What I am talking about is limiting exposures. Developing joints need exposure to develop properly. Exposure to balance, power, and coordination moves.

They do, however, need to be protected from overexposure. Some coaches think that the young body can bounce back from anything so they push until there is nothing left. This is not good for anyone at any age.

Just in the little time that I have had working with young athletes in a professional capacity I have seen just this kind of attitude. Start young, work em hard.

Here is a little twist on that theme. Tiger Woods is often cited for this "start em early". Take a guess at what happened a few ago. He lost, for the first time, after leading after 54 holes, to a golfer who only started golfing at the age of 19. Tiger "started" when he was 3!

Obviously talent factors into this. But NOT age and NOT early specification.

I don't think there is a better example of taking the time to develop an athlete over time. Play everything, have fun, and don't train to break down.

Train to learn.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your activity!

In health,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spare Their Spines Please

This one is going to be quick and painless with more to follow. It's just getting too late for me to get a full on rant going. I'd be up all night.

Well it has happened again. I have started working with another young athlete who is competing at a national level. And the condition, the stability of the core muscles, which determine power, speed and range, are lacking.

Are the coaches blind to this. This athlete suffered a back injury over a year ago and still needs a complete reno of the core stability technique. FROM SCRATCH!

I've seen this in every young athlete in a wide variety of sports I have worked with. Football, track and field, hockey, basketball, and raquetball. Local, provincial and national athletes were alike, all needed a core tune up.

I will put this out there before I drop off into sleep-world. DON'T do more situps. Dear lord, please no.

Core stability comes from stable core activities like planks.

So be on the lookout for your athlete. Have them or the team do lunges. If they can not keep there upper body upright you had better get to work ASAP. That is an injury waiting to happen. It could show up in the back, neck, hip, knee, or ankle. But it will show up.

Well, so much for keeping it short. I just don't want to see kids get hurt unnecessarily.

Have a wonderful week and weekend.

If you want any info on core training contact me!

In health,


Friday, July 24, 2009


Begin early. Get out and play. There is nothing better than chasing friends, climbing stuff and playing as many sports as you desire to get your body in tune when you are growing up.

No, not all sports at once, but choose different sports in different seasons.

You end up stronger and less likely to get injured.

NO, playing one sport all the time is not a good solution for injury prevention. In fact it is quite the opposite. Weaknesses develop compensatory patterns (new, less healthy patterns). Injuries for hockey players, for instance, are very often hip and lower back related. Two guesses why!

Play 3 or 4 sports through out the year through the ages of 6 to 10. Wind that down to a couple through the teens with good solid, fundamental workouts. Not workouts professionals do! They have years of experience and a team of experts to coach them.

The younger you are the more broad and movement based activities will serve best to improve athleticism.

You will see improvements. You will have them much longer.

As Brian Grasso says, it's like school. If you cram for a test you do well for a short period (test time). But the long term effects are minimal because you will forget most of what was crammed.

Take the time to learn proper movement over time and it will stick with you for life!!!

There, that's my two cents. In case your wondering. I've got a whole lot more. Stay tuned.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is for the smart ones!

Boost your recovery with sleep.

I have run into this thought many times. The thought more is better.

Distance runners running 5/6 days a week. Gym rat mentality that you have to be in the gym every day of the week.

Not only does it hinder recovery but it may even stunt progress, sometimes even sending people backwards when injuries occur.

You see, injuries don't just stop progress, they set you back.

This is why it is very important to be well rested.

Sleep is one very significant component to getting stronger, faster, leaner or bigger.

Here is the kicker. The more sleep you get, the clearer you think and more productive you become.

AND it helps you solve problems!!!

So, not only are you resting and recovering, you are thinking more clearly and setting yourself to be able to solve problems. This would reduce your stress levels, which are also counterproductive for your results!!!

So get yourself some deep sleep. Deeper the better, also known as REM sleep or the "dream stage".

So get make yourself comfy and have a good night rest. That's an order! :O)

In health,


Thursday, June 18, 2009

it's not just you.

Partnering up is very important. There might 1, maybe 2% of people who are driven in a particular way that they succeed with no support.

Odds are, then, you and I are not one of those people.

It's not a bad thing. It just is.

Don't take it personal. Make plans knowing this.

So if you have a 5 or 10k road-race coming up, gaff someone (like minded) and make a plan to meet up and do your thing.

This, of course, applies to many other aspects. Making money. Running a business. Cooking or planning meals.

This is not gender or "anything" specific. But know it and take advantage of it.

So no surprises. Get healthy by partnering up. Succeed through partnerships. Take advantage of the knowledge.

This is an opportunity to meet friends you don't see often or invite others you would love to learn from to join you.

Now you know they are thinking the same thing about their goals. "Why can't I keep going?"

Have a great day!

In health,


Monday, June 1, 2009

Pop might not be good!

Who knew?

Pop is not good for you!

I know this first hand. I was on a bit of a roller coaster a while back. For some reason I had difficulty stopping. Being "off" pop has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Not to mention alertness. Of which I am a *huge* fan.

Recently and article popped up on the negative side effects of

Full disclosure: I can vouch for the soreness. Not proud of it either.

But sometimes you get caught up. The details get overlooked as to what we are *really* doing everyday.

It's part of the reason I ask my clients to do food trackers for the first two weeks. It's a real eye opener. We believe we are trying very hard, and often are, but what is actually happening may be quite different.

Chalk it up to being human. Nothing more.

So if you or someone you know is a big pop consumer, please check out the article. I hope I can get a few people to switch of the stuff.

Oh, couple things, get ready for a headache that *could last a few days* and be ready to start craving real food. REAL food. All that sugar has been a substitute up to this point. And not a good one either!

Have a great day all.

In health,


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lack of Dynamic Movement!

Here is what I think.
And it ain’t pretty…
Training these days has been reduced to isolation.

A hamstring curl, a leg extension, and a calf raise machine all wait for the next client.

And they should wait (and collect dust) because a squat is far superior for complete leg strength. Hands down.

It blows my mind… that’s not quite right… it bothers me, that I, at a ripe old age, can move better than teenagers I have had the opportunity to train. It bothers me that I am more flexible than every teenager that I have ever met… to this day. I know they are out there.

Full disclosure: I am not saying I am a better athlete! (Not by a long shot!) There are lots of things these athletes can do better than me. But moving smoothly, changing direction fluidly and flexibility are not those things.

Sure it’s my job to be in shape and to have pretty good flexibility. But I shouldn’t have such an upper hand on so many.

And that is my point: why so few?

Well here is a kettle of fish. It’s partly because there has never been a more sedate generation. When they do go to the gym they are most likely met with a trainer who’s idea of “leg training” is hitting the leg curl, leg extension and calf raise machines. (Scary!) A little bit because flexibility is quite undervalued.

So little time is spent on dynamic movement. And I don’t mean gymnastics. More like chasing, climbing, jumping, crawling.

When an adult joins my class it is immediately apparent whether or not they were active as a kid. I can even take a pretty good guess at what they played or martial art they took. Just by their ability to move, change direction and range of movement they still possess.

The good news: we are a pretty trainable bunch. With some time and attention a lot can be overcome.

This is from a complete thought but I just had to say this much. There is more to follow, you can be sure.

In the meantime, move and be healthy. And while you’re at it, have some fun!

Have a great day.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

90% Mental

Despite what people tell you, I am not. Mental, that is.

As Yogi Berra famously, and accurately put it, "Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical."

This, to me, is accurate for all things physical.

I have seen clients bust their butt and get amazing results. Others, mail it in and get nothing.

Most are somewhere in between.

They mean well. They want results. They know what they want.


Mental attitude towards themselves and the importance of their activity in the achievement of their goals.

they know they have to do this. They embrace it. They commit to the movement. they are focused on the moment and the future.

So, I guess the question is, what DO you want?

And what are you prepared to do to get it?

Suddenly I feel I have to go do something!

I think it is going to be a 3K run followed by shooting hoops for 20 minutes. Nobody said you can't have fun along the way.

Care to join me?

Have a good one!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't hork down your food!

Remember when your parents used to get on youh about eating so quickly. Don't rush. You might choke! Taste your food!

Yeah. Turn out they were on to something.

Unbeknownst to them it is correlated with obesity.

I can't say that it is causing obesity. But when you look at this chart below, from the New York Times, you have to think. No really.

It seems to have some strong relationship. Pace of life. Where you live and the importance social connections.

I just had a friend return from a trip to Europe and a lot of the stories centered around food. Lots of food. Really good stuff to. So how do they pull off staying so lean?

These meals go on a long time. There is no rush. There is a lot of talking, no texting or checking email or calling the office. None.

Food for thought (groan)!

Now, if you find yourself stacking a couple extra pounds on, here is a quick workout you hcan work into your routine or start out slowly with.

Warning: PSSA (Poetential Sweaty Situation Ahead!)

Dumbell squats 3x45 seconds with speed
Upper Extremity Walkouts (walk out and back, repeat) 3x45 second with speed
Plank 3x45 seconds (engage bum, quads and hamstrings before you even think of lifting off the floor!)

Start by doing one thing at a time. A break between each.
Progress to doing all three back to back and take 60 seconds to recover and start over.

Ok folks.

Have a great day. Take your time eating! And breathe.

In health,


Thursday, April 16, 2009

ACL Injury Prevention

ACL tears are primarily a non contact inujury.

How do you prevent them? Or more accurately, reduce the risk of them occurring in the first place.

Training. A progression to plyometrics and dynamic movement in a controlled environment. Don't try to be a hero and start jumping around without a goal in mind.

Mike Boyle has a fantastic article on this at

He is the man when it comes to training athletes and injury prevention.

So talk to a professional. Get assessed, do a Hop & Stop test, and start training those legs immediately!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bad day for a workout?

It is an atrocious day out. It got me thinking.

What if you cant' go out to workout. Stuck in the house.

Here is a workout you could do at home. This is for athletes or beginners!

Do these 4 things in a row.

1. As fast you are comfortable: your stairs in the house for 45 seconds
2. Pushups: however you do em, 12, s l o w
3. Lunges: 45 seconds
4. Supermans: 45 seconds (lay on your tummy and lift legs and elbows off the floor and hold)

Just getting started. a. check with your physician first before you start! b. Do this 2 times
Experienced, go for 5

The difference is in the intensity. Make it hard for you!

This will wake you up, keep your body alert, hit every muscle in your body and help you forget the blah day that is outside.

Make some notes about what you would like to do the next time it is nice out. Keep a smile on your face and envision the fun you'll have.

Where I am writing from it is foggy a lot more often than I would like. I need to be "up" and this helps.

Keep healthy everyone. Have a great day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

How sweet it is!

Ever wonder why a young adults are prone to sweets. Here it is!

The BBC article that covers this:

Makes sense doesn't it?

Growth spurt needs lots of energy. Where is it easiest to find? Oh, somewhere there is lots of sugar!

The alternative, of course, is to be well fed and without reason to feel short on energy. About 5 meals a day to start, larger meals in the morning! Protein and veggies to finish the day.

Relax and enjoy. Watch the energy levels rise. Who knows, might even impact work and studies!

Have a great day everyone!!!

In health,


How sweet it is!

Ever wonder why a young adults are prone to sweets. Here it is!

The BBC article that covers this:

Makes sense doesn't it?

Growth spurt needs lots of energy. Where is it easiest to find? Oh, somewhere there is lots of sugar!

The alternative, of course, is to be well fed and without reason to feel short on energy. About 5 meals a day to start, larger meals in the morning! Protein and veggies to finish the day.

Relax and enjoy. Watch the energy levels rise. Who knows, might even impact work and studies!

Have a great day everyone!!!

In health,


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Power of the Mind

You need to know that being fit is not nearly so difficult as the
"experts" would have you believe.

That makes it tough for me to "pitch" health.

Everyone thinks I am selling snake oil when I begin to say how easy
something is.

I suppose I should clarify a bit.

The process, the parts of the plan, the details that need to be
observed. That is the easy part.

The part that takes the most effort is overcoming the roadblocks.

The derailments, distractions, old habits or patterns we've all
allowed ourselves to become comfortable with. In short, our brain!

THAT is where the most effort goes. Not in the activity (because
it's fun, right?), not in the planning, not in the food to eat.

It's in the consistent application of your energy to better our
physical, and I would argue, mental state.

This is a short one, but think about it. It's a good one to mull over.

But not for long!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bring the Intensity, Ladies!

Here is an opportunity for me to get on my soapbox.

When you workout, make it intense. That's not to say unsafe.
Intense. There is a difference.

Especially the ladies. We've grown up thinking that physical
exertion is dangerous.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. And from personal
experience women are all too often told to not be too physical.

Makes no sense. Because once my female clients get around to upping
there intensity they tend to outperform the men. For tow reasons.

1. They have better defined goals. By the time they have gotten to
me they have thoroughly thought out why they are there and what
they want the outcome to be. Most men, not so much.

2. No use for being macho. They don't rush, LISTEN to the coaching,
make changes, and maintain form until failure.

Sounds like a great client? Yup, very often.

And here is the best part. Once you raise the intensity of workouts
the results automatically accelerate. This is how our body
responds. Walk in the park, not much happens. Very low effort, very
low return. High intensity, high returns.

Now, unlike the popular conception that high intensity must make
you vomit, nothing could be farther from the truth. It's about
finding your limits and performing at that level on a consistent
basis, pushing to the next level.

So men, take notice. If the ladies ever figure out that intense
workouts are not the sole domain of men, we are in deep, deep
trouble. Though I think it's for the better!

Let's go ladies, show 'em how it's done!

In health,


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bring the Intensity, Ladies!

To sleep, perchance to dream.

First things first.

Two months down! Have you gotten 8 weeks of activity in? Are you
two months closer to your goals? Only 3 months before the
spring/summer clothes are out. So you are almost half way there.
Get started today if you haven't!

Now to the sleep!

I've been a huge nap advocate for a long time. Been a napper for
even longer.

Sleep relaxes you, mentally and physically. Corporations are
adapting this into their workdays to reap the benefits of more
productive, well rested employees!

So you have got to be serious about your rest, especially if
someone is willing to invest that much money into it.

Here is a recent snippet (with studies quoted) from the WIRED blog.

But not only does it effect productivity, it also influences the
midline. As a young athlete with so many demands on your time
it is important to establish a healthy routine now!

I used to consult at an eating disorders clinic and studies that
demonstrated this relationship were trotted out from time to time
to help people understand the relationship between good sleep and a
healthy weight.

Yes it is difficult. Especially for shift workers. But recognition
and strategies to combat the effects of reduced sleep must be used
if you are in a difficult situation such as this. I used to work
the back shift, for 6 years, actually. And I used some of these

Be consistent. Get to sleep at the same time every day.

Don't break up your sleep. 5 hours in a row is better than getting
up 4 times during your 8 hour sleep. Much better.

Nap. 15 mintues is a nap, NOT 2 hours. Pick a quiet time, take some
big relaxing breaths, and doze off. Set your alarm to get you up in
15 minutes. Have some water ready for you.

Don't mess with your circadian rhythms. They will bite back.

So be consistent.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do I really sound like this?

No, seriously. Is this how it sounds?

This is my 6 year old's attempt to help me make posters to advertise the business. (She makes posters for anything and anyone just so you know, very helpful!).

She pretty much nails it, don't you think?

Simplicity at it's finest.

And the greatest chance of success more often comes when the choices are made simple. A or B. Once you pick it you go for it!

We are bombarded with choices. Light or regular? New iPod or Old? Mazda or Camero? Vacation or parents place? You know the drill. These are a little more complicated. And there are as many as you want to pile onto your plate!

So as my little R puts it, when it comes to your health it is a Yes or No. Do you want to be healthy? Y. Do you need to go for a walk? Y Do you want to strengthen your body? Y

The answer seems a whole lot simpler now doesn't it.

Of course I am probably preaching to the choir. You are probably in top health already. So perhaps you can share this with loved ones who are struggling.

* Here is a little tidbit that may shake up your workout. First things first though, check with a fitness professional before you go off on this. Make your core a part of your warm up. Take 5 to 8 minutes to loosen up, engage and warm up your core.

If it is a part of you that you want to address then take a moment to prepare it before you lay into it with a crazy workout. It may prevent lower back injuries and allow you to move stronger, faster or smoother into and through the rest of your workout.

I can't stress this enough thou. Get a qualified, experienced fitness professional to assist you!

Shake it up a little bit. Don't think because you've always done it this way or "everyone else is doing it" that you can't shake that off and do something unique and perhaps even better for you!

Have a great day.

In health,


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be Yourself!

Just listening to Liliy Allen on CBC and she made a great point
about image.

Don't buy into it.

Close to thousands of images of "fashion" bombard us every day.

This is not a good thing. Especially if it starts to cloud your
vision of what is good for you.

You don't have to be thin, afraid of fat, wear that makeup, stress
over your hair, or obsess over your biceps.

You need to be the best you above anything else.

Me, personally, would start by breaking down what YOUR goals are.
Think about what YOU really need. Sure you can get a reference from
books, friends, peers, parents, but don't go by advertising.

Surely by now we are all in agreement that advertising is not
reality, other than they are really trying hard to sell you

So it kind of goes without saying that advertising is going to try
to make you feel bad so what they are trying to sell to you is
going to make you feel better!

Pretty slick, hunh? Except for the part where they are trying to
make you feel bad!

So, your goals should be focused on feeling good. If it means
loosing weight, fine. If it means making your body sore (not
busted!) after every workout, ok. But make it your decision!

This is about owning yourself. Don't b pummeled into submission
by outside forces. Own your mind and body. Make it move and live
the way you want it to.

One last thing. Mind your words. How you refer to yourself will make a difference about how you feel and act every day.

More on that later.

Have a great day everyone!

In health,


Thursday, February 5, 2009


Please do not fall for the "more is better" routine.

Better is better. Especially when it comes to training young

I am not claiming to be infallible. But I have some ideas about
training youths that do go against the grain.

I don't believe the need ot be gagging at the end of a workout.

Technique training does not have to be light and fluffy.

And a trainer who teaches programs based on what they were taught
when they were kids should be fired.

Not because they don't mean well or aren't trying (though I would
argue that point).

But because with the wealth of knowledge and a building case
against specialization at a young age (8yrs old for example) that
it should not be happening any more.

Seriously, who still thinks 12 months of hockey is good for a 10 year
old? When every shred of credible evidence, not the anecdotal "rink
talk", points to variation, play and fun as the critical factors in
developing a healthy complete athlete!

That is just one example. And you have no doubt heard of others.

As for good old fashioned unstructured play, check this recent
Scientific American article out .

If it doesn't make us rethink play then we've missed the boat.

Well before I get too carried away, have a wonderful day. Have fun.
Play and bring the kids along with you. It is fantastic for everyone!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fitness Progress Report

A friend of mine just dropped some heavy on me. A great tidbit of information that we should all make note of. Here it is.

Life is like garden: don't expect it to be thriving if you ignore it.

You may not be a green-thumb (I'm not!) so I'll go a bit further.

If you take the time to make health, fitness, flexibility or relaxation a part of your everyday life you will reap the rewards in the long term.

You see, as a group, we tend to overreact in the short term (like sweeping New Years Resolutions) and under-react in the long term (do we actually follow through).

One problem with huge sweeping goals is this: They are huge! We get overwhelmed. If a weight loss goal is to lose 40 lbs that may seem a little daunting at first. But, if you break it down into smaller chunks they become more manageable and easier to check off as you hit them. Makes you feel really good as well to see all those check marks.

Speaking of which, we are 3 weeks into the new year. The year is 5% done. How are your fitness goals progressing? Are you 5% of the way there? If you were going to lose 40lbs, have you lost 2 already?

Here is a little heads up to boost chances for success. Grab a partner. Someone with your best interest in mind. With similar goals. With a drive that you could feed off of. Positive frame of mind.

It's a major reason why running groups are formed. We feed off the energy of others. So make it supportive and positive. I mean, you have the choice right? It doesn't mean that things will be super easy now. But you will have the support you need to get through the rough patches that may have derailed you in the past.

And that is when the real success begins.

So take that first step. Find a group or friend (that you can stand!) and plan out your goals. Start a success group! They are not the sole domain of the business world.

Now go get 'em!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tony Robbins Would Agree

The body follows where the mind goes.

You need to focus your mind on he task at hand.

Seems simple enough. But as you are fully away aware, distractions
are many.

So it boils down to a decision. A decision about what is important
to you.

I am NOT saying any decision is more than the other. One must live
the life they need to at that time.

But when you have the time, the opportunity and the energy, if you
commit yourself to that decision great things will happen.

Naturally, I will focus on the health side of things. But this can
apply to many aspects of life.

If your decision is to get fitter and healthier and you put all of
your energy into it you will be amazed at your results. I guarantee

My point: Think long and hard about what you want to do with your
body. I'm sure whatever it is it will be a combination of
resistance training and cardio. Don't skimp on either.

I can not stress enough: once your mind is set amazing things will
get done.

I've done it myself. Now it is your turn. Make it happen.

Today's tips:
1. If your goal is to feel better your food of choice is
vegetables. The micronutrients they provide really provide an
amazing base in your physiology so that the big chunky stuff like
grains, meats (and all there alternatives) and water can do their
thing more effectively. It is a balancing act.

2. Speaking about balance. When creating a plan for your physical
training it is important to consider your balance component.

It is nice to have strong powerful legs, but if you don't know what
direction they are going in they aren't much good to you when you
need them.

I wouldn't try to stand on a fitness ball right away. I am thinking
more along the lines of single leg squatts, single leg toe touches.
Simple but effective moves. Be sure to have a fitness professional
go over your options and technique before making any big changes.

I hope this finds you well and ready to make positive changes. Have
a wonderful day!

In health,


Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Best Year Ever?!

Hello everyone,

Another year is upon us.

Are we ready to make it the best one ever?!

I am and I want to take everyone with me. Are you prepared to take
on your fitness/weight loss/bodyshaping goals head on?

6 months to summer. By all accounts, we could drop 25 to 30 lbs.
For those who have it to lose of course.

Otherwise we have a lot of time to reshape ourselves.

Here are a few details for those of you fortunate enough to live in
the Halifax/Dartmouth area:

I need your help to spread the word about my bootcamps. They've
been running for well over a year now!

I am making arrangements to have the wonderful space at Coastal
Dance again this year.

I would also like to encourage bringing a "goal partner" with you.
Every study indicates that if you have someone to engage with when
trying to attain goals you will be far more successful.

I am really excited about getting started this year.

Here are some words from a current camper...

"Hey Todd, congrats on doing what I obviously could not do myself
... getting me to work out and watch what I put in my mouth. Due
to your guidance, patience and knowledge, I finally found an
exercise program I enjoy. Your core training and full body
workouts really work. Prior to joining your class, I had
continuous back and shoulder pain. Not anymore. I'm stronger and
healthier, not only in body but in mind. Thanks Todd. Can't wait
until next class ... see you then." Cheryl B.

Let's do this.

E-mail me with your goals and we will get started. Immediately. We
only make one turn on this ride, let's make it amazing!

A few details:

I have one group that meets one day a week. Sunday, 4:30pm

The second group meets 3 times a week. Mon, Wed, Fri, 6:30pm

I have wonderful clients in these groups who are super supportive
and a lot of fun,

You have to try it out. First one is on me if you have any doubts.
But I am confident they will be erased quite quickly.

Thank you for your time reading this. We'll get back to regular
newsletters now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Youth Fitness Success!!!

New Years Resolutions

Now's the time.

To be sure, today is like any other. But we are a funny bunch. We like to make things special. Which I am game for. So let's do just that then, shall we...

Here is something thinkable. The 5 stages of change. Since Resolutions are all about change. For the better.

1. Pre contemplation (Hunh)
2. Contemplation (I am thinking of something...)
3. Plan (Ok, this is the plan!)
4. Take action (people often skip #3 and go right to this... not a good idea)
5. Maintenance (critical because this also takes planning!)

Seems simple enough. But how do we goof it? Let's not count the ways. There are too many.

But here are a couple ideas on making them work better.

- Don't make to many "plans". Being overwhelmed is not a good way to succeed.

- Start with the basics and work your way up. Wanting to make a million dollars a year is admirable. But start with something manageable, say $50,000 this year. $100,000 the next. $200,000 the next. Because you will have the experience each year that will make the next more achievable. (results may vary of course!)

- Partner up. We sometimes like to put ourselves on the back burner. However, if we find ourselves when someone else is relying on us it's amazing to see the effort that magically appears so as to not disappoint another. And what do you know, you succeed at the same time! Good for you!

Goodness, this could go on forever.

The primary goal is to keep it simple and specific. Each step clearly defined.

And if you get sidetracked, and you had created a clear plan, it is that much easier to get the ball rolling again.

Important to all this is making the goal you want to achieve something you REALLY want to do. Self explanatory I think. I'll never become Prime Minister because it doesn't interest me in the least. But to be the best coach I can possibly be... Now that is something I can invest a lot of time into.

Get your goals in line with your life and start planning everyone.

All the best.

In health,