Thursday, February 5, 2009


Please do not fall for the "more is better" routine.

Better is better. Especially when it comes to training young

I am not claiming to be infallible. But I have some ideas about
training youths that do go against the grain.

I don't believe the need ot be gagging at the end of a workout.

Technique training does not have to be light and fluffy.

And a trainer who teaches programs based on what they were taught
when they were kids should be fired.

Not because they don't mean well or aren't trying (though I would
argue that point).

But because with the wealth of knowledge and a building case
against specialization at a young age (8yrs old for example) that
it should not be happening any more.

Seriously, who still thinks 12 months of hockey is good for a 10 year
old? When every shred of credible evidence, not the anecdotal "rink
talk", points to variation, play and fun as the critical factors in
developing a healthy complete athlete!

That is just one example. And you have no doubt heard of others.

As for good old fashioned unstructured play, check this recent
Scientific American article out .

If it doesn't make us rethink play then we've missed the boat.

Well before I get too carried away, have a wonderful day. Have fun.
Play and bring the kids along with you. It is fantastic for everyone!

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