Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spare Their Spines Please

This one is going to be quick and painless with more to follow. It's just getting too late for me to get a full on rant going. I'd be up all night.

Well it has happened again. I have started working with another young athlete who is competing at a national level. And the condition, the stability of the core muscles, which determine power, speed and range, are lacking.

Are the coaches blind to this. This athlete suffered a back injury over a year ago and still needs a complete reno of the core stability technique. FROM SCRATCH!

I've seen this in every young athlete in a wide variety of sports I have worked with. Football, track and field, hockey, basketball, and raquetball. Local, provincial and national athletes were alike, all needed a core tune up.

I will put this out there before I drop off into sleep-world. DON'T do more situps. Dear lord, please no.

Core stability comes from stable core activities like planks.

So be on the lookout for your athlete. Have them or the team do lunges. If they can not keep there upper body upright you had better get to work ASAP. That is an injury waiting to happen. It could show up in the back, neck, hip, knee, or ankle. But it will show up.

Well, so much for keeping it short. I just don't want to see kids get hurt unnecessarily.

Have a wonderful week and weekend.

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