Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fitness Progress Report

A friend of mine just dropped some heavy on me. A great tidbit of information that we should all make note of. Here it is.

Life is like garden: don't expect it to be thriving if you ignore it.

You may not be a green-thumb (I'm not!) so I'll go a bit further.

If you take the time to make health, fitness, flexibility or relaxation a part of your everyday life you will reap the rewards in the long term.

You see, as a group, we tend to overreact in the short term (like sweeping New Years Resolutions) and under-react in the long term (do we actually follow through).

One problem with huge sweeping goals is this: They are huge! We get overwhelmed. If a weight loss goal is to lose 40 lbs that may seem a little daunting at first. But, if you break it down into smaller chunks they become more manageable and easier to check off as you hit them. Makes you feel really good as well to see all those check marks.

Speaking of which, we are 3 weeks into the new year. The year is 5% done. How are your fitness goals progressing? Are you 5% of the way there? If you were going to lose 40lbs, have you lost 2 already?

Here is a little heads up to boost chances for success. Grab a partner. Someone with your best interest in mind. With similar goals. With a drive that you could feed off of. Positive frame of mind.

It's a major reason why running groups are formed. We feed off the energy of others. So make it supportive and positive. I mean, you have the choice right? It doesn't mean that things will be super easy now. But you will have the support you need to get through the rough patches that may have derailed you in the past.

And that is when the real success begins.

So take that first step. Find a group or friend (that you can stand!) and plan out your goals. Start a success group! They are not the sole domain of the business world.

Now go get 'em!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tony Robbins Would Agree

The body follows where the mind goes.

You need to focus your mind on he task at hand.

Seems simple enough. But as you are fully away aware, distractions
are many.

So it boils down to a decision. A decision about what is important
to you.

I am NOT saying any decision is more than the other. One must live
the life they need to at that time.

But when you have the time, the opportunity and the energy, if you
commit yourself to that decision great things will happen.

Naturally, I will focus on the health side of things. But this can
apply to many aspects of life.

If your decision is to get fitter and healthier and you put all of
your energy into it you will be amazed at your results. I guarantee

My point: Think long and hard about what you want to do with your
body. I'm sure whatever it is it will be a combination of
resistance training and cardio. Don't skimp on either.

I can not stress enough: once your mind is set amazing things will
get done.

I've done it myself. Now it is your turn. Make it happen.

Today's tips:
1. If your goal is to feel better your food of choice is
vegetables. The micronutrients they provide really provide an
amazing base in your physiology so that the big chunky stuff like
grains, meats (and all there alternatives) and water can do their
thing more effectively. It is a balancing act.

2. Speaking about balance. When creating a plan for your physical
training it is important to consider your balance component.

It is nice to have strong powerful legs, but if you don't know what
direction they are going in they aren't much good to you when you
need them.

I wouldn't try to stand on a fitness ball right away. I am thinking
more along the lines of single leg squatts, single leg toe touches.
Simple but effective moves. Be sure to have a fitness professional
go over your options and technique before making any big changes.

I hope this finds you well and ready to make positive changes. Have
a wonderful day!

In health,


Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Best Year Ever?!

Hello everyone,

Another year is upon us.

Are we ready to make it the best one ever?!

I am and I want to take everyone with me. Are you prepared to take
on your fitness/weight loss/bodyshaping goals head on?

6 months to summer. By all accounts, we could drop 25 to 30 lbs.
For those who have it to lose of course.

Otherwise we have a lot of time to reshape ourselves.

Here are a few details for those of you fortunate enough to live in
the Halifax/Dartmouth area:

I need your help to spread the word about my bootcamps. They've
been running for well over a year now!

I am making arrangements to have the wonderful space at Coastal
Dance again this year.

I would also like to encourage bringing a "goal partner" with you.
Every study indicates that if you have someone to engage with when
trying to attain goals you will be far more successful.

I am really excited about getting started this year.

Here are some words from a current camper...

"Hey Todd, congrats on doing what I obviously could not do myself
... getting me to work out and watch what I put in my mouth. Due
to your guidance, patience and knowledge, I finally found an
exercise program I enjoy. Your core training and full body
workouts really work. Prior to joining your class, I had
continuous back and shoulder pain. Not anymore. I'm stronger and
healthier, not only in body but in mind. Thanks Todd. Can't wait
until next class ... see you then." Cheryl B.

Let's do this.

E-mail me with your goals and we will get started. Immediately. We
only make one turn on this ride, let's make it amazing!

A few details:

I have one group that meets one day a week. Sunday, 4:30pm

The second group meets 3 times a week. Mon, Wed, Fri, 6:30pm

I have wonderful clients in these groups who are super supportive
and a lot of fun,

You have to try it out. First one is on me if you have any doubts.
But I am confident they will be erased quite quickly.

Thank you for your time reading this. We'll get back to regular
newsletters now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Youth Fitness Success!!!

New Years Resolutions

Now's the time.

To be sure, today is like any other. But we are a funny bunch. We like to make things special. Which I am game for. So let's do just that then, shall we...

Here is something thinkable. The 5 stages of change. Since Resolutions are all about change. For the better.

1. Pre contemplation (Hunh)
2. Contemplation (I am thinking of something...)
3. Plan (Ok, this is the plan!)
4. Take action (people often skip #3 and go right to this... not a good idea)
5. Maintenance (critical because this also takes planning!)

Seems simple enough. But how do we goof it? Let's not count the ways. There are too many.

But here are a couple ideas on making them work better.

- Don't make to many "plans". Being overwhelmed is not a good way to succeed.

- Start with the basics and work your way up. Wanting to make a million dollars a year is admirable. But start with something manageable, say $50,000 this year. $100,000 the next. $200,000 the next. Because you will have the experience each year that will make the next more achievable. (results may vary of course!)

- Partner up. We sometimes like to put ourselves on the back burner. However, if we find ourselves when someone else is relying on us it's amazing to see the effort that magically appears so as to not disappoint another. And what do you know, you succeed at the same time! Good for you!

Goodness, this could go on forever.

The primary goal is to keep it simple and specific. Each step clearly defined.

And if you get sidetracked, and you had created a clear plan, it is that much easier to get the ball rolling again.

Important to all this is making the goal you want to achieve something you REALLY want to do. Self explanatory I think. I'll never become Prime Minister because it doesn't interest me in the least. But to be the best coach I can possibly be... Now that is something I can invest a lot of time into.

Get your goals in line with your life and start planning everyone.

All the best.

In health,