Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't hork down your food!

Remember when your parents used to get on youh about eating so quickly. Don't rush. You might choke! Taste your food!

Yeah. Turn out they were on to something.

Unbeknownst to them it is correlated with obesity.

I can't say that it is causing obesity. But when you look at this chart below, from the New York Times, you have to think. No really.

It seems to have some strong relationship. Pace of life. Where you live and the importance social connections.

I just had a friend return from a trip to Europe and a lot of the stories centered around food. Lots of food. Really good stuff to. So how do they pull off staying so lean?

These meals go on a long time. There is no rush. There is a lot of talking, no texting or checking email or calling the office. None.

Food for thought (groan)!

Now, if you find yourself stacking a couple extra pounds on, here is a quick workout you hcan work into your routine or start out slowly with.

Warning: PSSA (Poetential Sweaty Situation Ahead!)

Dumbell squats 3x45 seconds with speed
Upper Extremity Walkouts (walk out and back, repeat) 3x45 second with speed
Plank 3x45 seconds (engage bum, quads and hamstrings before you even think of lifting off the floor!)

Start by doing one thing at a time. A break between each.
Progress to doing all three back to back and take 60 seconds to recover and start over.

Ok folks.

Have a great day. Take your time eating! And breathe.

In health,


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