Saturday, April 19, 2008

On Site Hop & Stop Testing

This test reliably measure force production, force absorption and symmetry between the lower extremities.

When you read the numbers on injuries they are hard to grasp. Then when I began to shop the knee test around I immediately was told of friends and family members who have busted or really sore knees.

Knee pain comes from a variety of factors: ability to produce force through the knee, force absorption and symmetry. Why symmetry? If one knee is always favoured over the other, one of them is either going to wear out or the other is going to be asked to do a little too much some time. Neither is a good situation!

And incredibly girls are 3 times more likely to injure a knee. Some studies indicate a higher risk than this but they weren't well referenced.

Here is a short clip that shows one of jumps measured in the test. We would have measured from the toe from start to landing. This particular aspect of the test does not require the participant to "stick the landing".

What's important here? Isolating the power leg and keeping the swing leg static. Measurements are much easier to record reliably, crunch and assess.

The complete test, assessment and programming can be done on location and takes approximately an hour. If you have a team or an athlete that could use or needs to have a reliable test that can be used to create a lower extremity fitness program and be able to follow it up reliably drop me a note and we'll discuss the possibilities.

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Thank you to this client who allowed me to film this and use it for demonstration purposes.

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