Sunday, April 27, 2008

Muscle Building for Men and Women

* All Athletes - All Ages *

I need a really good reason to promote something. This is one of two that I feel would benefit any athlete. Muscle is important to performance. First you need it. Not just for lifting things but for providing the materials required that can be then trained for speed and quickness.

So, if you are an athlete who needs to gain mass for their sport then this is th emotherload. Vince is a Canadian and a Fitness Model who started out pin thin and learned the gainers secrets. He has all the information you need.

Vince works out of Hamilton but he is invited and travels around the world to present on his Muscle Gaining knowledge. It's a huge plus that he is a Canadian, in my books.

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Human Performance and Nutrition Expert
Dr. John Berardi Ph.D Didn't Hesitate To Recommend
This Program...Nuff Said!

"The principles of No Nonsense Muscle Building have helped Vince Delmonte transform from “Skinny Vinny” to a physique champion.

These principles have also helped hundreds of others increase their strength and muscle size.

If you’re looking for some of the best muscle-building information currently available, check out Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building"

Dr John M Berardi
Adjunct Professor, University of Texas
Author of Scrawny to Brawny

That is high praise indeed!

Some success stories:

"Vince, I finished your book, very good. I will obviously re-read it a few more times over this week. There is a lot of info in there that i have to get used to.

Some concepts are really an eye opener for me and are pretty much common sense when you stop to think about it all.

I like the added physiology lessons... once you tear away all of the hype that bodybuilding mags put out there, you realize the truth."

Nello Miele
Ontario, Canada

Gained 62 lbs In Just One Year And Now Competing In First Bodybuilding Competition!

"Hey Vince, whats going on man, it's Brian Karschti... But yeah I just wanted to give you a little update on me here.....I'm 5'11 and sitting at 193 lbs. at about low 9% body fat.

As of January 1st I was able to pack on 62 lbs. of weight (mostly muscle) in just one year, too awesome... Thanks again man, if it wasn't for your book I couldn't have done it!!!

One more thing, as of June 8 (2008) I'll be up on stage in my first bodybuilding competition, I'm doing FAME, thats right!, LOL, so yea I'm stoked and can't wait....hope to hear back from you man, take it easy."

Brian Karschti
Ontario, Canada

"Gained Tons Of Lean Muscle And Lost 10 Pounds..."

"When I reflect on how weak and out of balanced my muscles and mind were I know I have come along way and could not have gotten this healthy on my own.

I have lost 10 pounds, gained lean muscle and have 23% body fat.

Wow I feel great"

Erin Teeft
Ontario, Canada

This is a fantastic product with tons of success stories.

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