Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Over 3.5 million student athletes are injured every year in North America! Over 150,000 just in the gym (Periodization by Tudor Bompa).

Want more ice time? Want more court time? Want to have the kind of exposure that might land you a scholarship? Then what is the one thing you have to train smart to avoid?

If you said injuries then pat yourself on the back.

So becoming a better athlete is going to take more than lifting heavy in the gym.

The balance comes in training for results while taking into consideration the current level of the athlete. We want to enhance skills without hindering the long term development. Promote performance and inhibit injuries.

Girls and boys can benefit from athletic specific training that will reduce their risk of injury and increase the enjoyment of their athletic lifestyle. This kind of fun they can take with them for life. Considering less than 1% of high-school athletes turn pro this is an important consideration.

You don't want your first lessons to lead to a road of injuries. Safe effective training techniques for gains will needs the experience of a professional trainer to take you to the next level.

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