Monday, June 9, 2008

A Recent Nutrition Presentation

Rather creative title, isn't it? Now,...

I just gave a sport nutrition seminar to an elite level girls
basketball team.

I had a blast. They were motivated, interested and oddly quiet. I
think they were a little tired, what with it being the weekend and
finals week coming up.

When it was all said and done I got one of the best compliments
ever from the head coach. No mean feat.

But, when all is said and done, elite athlete nutrition and
everyday nutrition are share a number of qualities.

Eat to support your needs. Don't be shy.

Be consistent. Planning ahead will help.

Drink water. Have a bottle handy.

Lean cuts of meat or go with alternatives. Be creative.

Vegetables and fruit are vitally important. Do I have to go into
this? Didn't think so.

After that don't make excuses. For health or performance, being
picky doesn't mean you can't eat enough.

It means you get to eat more of what you like! Aww, that's rough.

So be positive, plan ahead, and reap the rewards. One day at a
time. You'll blow the socks of your goals.

I am going to have the mp3 audio of that presentation available to
you soon. I'll keep you posted.



PS: If you want the information from a researcher and educator in the
field of nutrition, and not l'il old me, look up Dr. Susan M
Kleiner. She'll set you on the right path. I've been to her
presentations and have two of her books. Read a couple others from
the library, one was a cookbook. Top notch stuff.

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