Monday, June 9, 2008

It's a chronological thing?

The nervous system makes no sense. It works beautifully. But there
is no rhyme or reason as to how we get here from there. There being
wee embryo.

So when coaching young athletes it is necessary to assess not only
their physical age but their emotional age. Some kids may be ready
for the hard physical stuff but not have the mental preparedness to
do it.

Some may be mentally ready to jump over buildings but not the
physical preparedness to do so.

We develop all parts of our neurological and physical system at the
same time. But there is no hard and fast rules about when to start
lifting weights, running maximally or going 100%.

Just because one 12 year old is ready to start training hard it
does not mean every 12 year old is ready.

This requires discipline on the coaches part to not push the
athlete in front of them into territory that will make them feel

This would be a negative event for the young athlete. And that is
the one thing that should be avoided during training.

This is why I joined the IYCA ( They focus on the
positive aspects of physical training and it's effect on the rest
of a child's life. It is fun and chalenging and preparatory for a
childs academic an dathleticcareer.

Kids have enough stress without getting yelled at during something
that is supposed to be fun.

So let's put the stop watches away and encourage growth,
athleticism and fun!

Have a great day!


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